January 25th, 2010


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First post here! And I managed not one but two exciting culinary experiments this week, which is amazing because often weeks/months go by without me trying anything new.

Prawn & mushroom quesadilla with sour cream, guacamole, (more) cheese, and rice with bits of tomato in. Oh, and salad of tomato, rocket and pine nuts. All thrown together on the same plate because, uh, I don't have many plates.

I've had these quesadillas a few times at Rosa del Raval in Barcelona, and they are so good and I am so rarely there that I decided I had to make them myself. I found a vaguely related recipe and modified it.

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And then! Tonight I made cranberry slices, which is the second ever thing I've attempted to bake (after Anzac biscuits a few weeks ago).

Admittedly they're probably a little bit drier than they ought to be, but they taste good nonetheless. A neighbour had made them several weeks ago, and she e-mailed me the recipe.

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Grilled halloumi in chillies atop bulghur wheat salad in a honey mustard dressing

Every so often I get a hankering for this which is basically nicked from Nigella Bites. I cooked the halloumi on the George Formby which means that it must be entirely fat free. Halloumi with crispy bits is one of the many forms of cheese perfection. As I lifted the slices off the grill one of them made a self satisfied 'Pffffftht' kind of noise.