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Toad in the hole and onion gravy

Toad in the hole, onion gravy

I used two types of veggie sausages; Cauldron's fared the best. It seems the trick to batter is to use equal amounts of everything - I broke the eggs into a jug so I could see how much space they took up, then used the same amount of flour and then milk (which helped to swish the jug clean again). All I did was beat it all together (with a bit of salt and pepper and a dash of mustard powder), leave it for a while whilst the oil in the tin in the oven got super hot and the sausages were browning in it. After a while I opened the oven, pulled the tray out a bit, poured in the batter, pushed it back in again and LEFT THE DOOR CLOSED (so many things I read said this was important) for about 20 minutes til I guessed it'd be cooked.

Toad in the hole
YIKES! It's a landscape, a duvet cover, a kingdom!

As you can tell I'm a fan of 'one big thing' dinners. Also, lately, 'magic alchemy of the oven' type food where you put something into the closed-heat when it's one thing and then take it out to find it's something other. I believe in common parlance this is called baking, but since baking's apparently all the rage at the moment I'd rather not use the term.
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